World’s ugliest dog contest 2024: Complete details

World's Ugliest Dog contest 2024

The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is held as part of the Sonoma Marin Fair in Petaluma. To determine which of the dogs that have entered is the ugliest. The competition is usually slated for the fourth week of June, along with the remainder of the fair. The competition is usually slated for the fourth week of June, along with the remainder of the fair. The eight-year-old Pekingese named Wild Thang has won the title of World’s Ugliest Dog for this year.

Encountering nine entrants, most of them were rescues that came from kennels before meeting their forever families. The competition was held at the 2024 Sonoma-Marin Show in Petaluma, California. Though this is Wild Thang’s first World’s Ugliest Dog victory, the Coos Bay, Oregon native has participated in five previous competitions.

Because he contracted canine distemper as a 10-week-old puppy, Wild Thang has distinctive features. His tongue hangs loosely, and he has a muscular ailment in one leg as a result of the condition that stops his teeth from growing.

As stated on its official site, the World’s Ugliest Dog competition “represents the defects that render all dogs unique and distinct” and has been going on for almost 50 years.

Who are the winners of the World’s Ugliest Dog contest?

  • In addition to appearing on online sources The Today Show, Wild Thang and his owner Ann Lewis will get $5,000.
  • Rome, a wheelchair-bound 14-year-old pug, placed second and won $3,000. Rome was participating in the competition for the first time.
  • Rome’s owner, Michelle Grady, stated that she loves the competition that portrays dogs who happen to be imperfect — imperfectly beautiful.
  • Daisy Mae, a fourteen-year-old mixed-breed rescue dog with a white coat who entered the competition for the first time, placed third and will get $2,000.

When she was two years old, she was taken from the streets and saved. She’s hairless. It was unexpected to step up to the podium, according to Elizabeth Whitehouse, Daisy Mae’s owner.“I thought she would prove to be an extremely gorgeous ugly dog. Yet as it turns out, other people fail to recognise the appealing qualities that she has whereas I do,”

The People’s Favorite Award was given to Rome, the panel of judges runner-up dog in World’s Ugliest Dog, as a result of online voting by fans to choose one particular dog. All animals should be adopted, as the yearly competition highlights. Having fun with some fantastic characters and showcasing these dogs’ beauty is the contest’s stated goal, rather than laughing fun at “ugly” dogs.

About the World’s Ugliest Dog Show

Judges this year included California’s 34th Treasurer Fiona Ma, human rights activist Linda Witong Abrahm, and NBC News correspondent Gadi Schwartz.

This year’s entries included mixtures of Chihuahuas, Chinese Cresteds, and Pugs. Freddie Mercury, a rescue who competed for the first time this year, was one competitor who was not selected for a prize. Described as having “a face like a forklift,” Fred works as the mascot for the neighborhood ice cream truck in Petaluma. The World’s Ugliest Dog prize money is stated here.

In addition, he goes to young football games and is always asked to birthday celebrations.

  • A $10,000 cash prize pool was available for the top three victors. And the root beer business was the event’s initial sponsor. 
  • Following in order of payout: $5,000 for first place. $3,000 for a second. And $2,000 for third. A limited-edition root beer can featuring the winner is another possibility, according to the fair. 

Additional information about Wild Thang and the runner-ups and finalists of the globe’s Ugliest Dogs competition is available here.

2024 The Globe’s Ugliest Dog Contest Winners: Wild Thang 

The winner of first place, Wild Thang, is the epitome of a dog that is driven to live a healthy and productive life. With his family in Oregon, the dog, who was born in Los Angeles, is currently retired. The World’s Ugliest Dog contest details are found here.

Wild Thang’s puppy distemper was brought on by a foster rescue. Though he did survive, sadly, another puppy did not. He has conquered these challenges to turn into a happy and healthy dog, despite the lasting harm he has received, like his teeth failing to develop correctly or his right leg paddling constantly.

Following his recovery from this horrific event, Wild Thang has taken the initiative to promote pet vaccinations. He tried to send supplies to his compatriots Pekingese who are in Ukraine by posting a GoFundMe on his Instagram account. Following their safe exit from the nation, seven canines were taken in by American and Canadian families. 


Rome placed second in the competition to find the World’s Ugliest Dog. When you hear the term Rome, images of an imposing, historic, and well-liked destination come to mind. It is embodied by this dog.

Rome, the runner-up, and 14-year-old pug, hails from The Pug Hotel located in Rohnert Park, California. This pug never ceases to win people over with his charm, character, and adorable dancing movements. 

Rome has received the care he needs and has grown to be a well-known member of his neighborhood since his owner abandoned him at The Pug Hotel. The pug took part in the Wheeling Pug Relay in 2023, which raises funds to buy wheelchairs for pets with disabilities. Rome also frequently makes school and hospice visits to teach kids the value of adopting an elderly rescue dog.

Daisy Mae 

In the competition for the World’s Ugliest Dog, Daisy Mae took third place. This girl from California is used to lounging in the sun, chasing squirrels, and causing trouble for her elder sister, Harriet. 

Third-place winner Daisy Mae, a 14-year-old dog, is content with her life right now. But things weren’t always so simple for her. She went through some difficult moments when she was two years old and throughout the years. She has lost her teeth, hair, and vision. She reportedly made it out of a cat gang as well. The dog has persevered despite all the obstacles, growing in self-assurance, making new friends, and finding a permanent home in the process. 

What is the history behind the contest?

A member of the Old Adobe Association in Petaluma, Ross Smith is widely recognized for having invented the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, which got its start in the 1970s as a means of raising money for the organization. Smith proposed an ugly dog contest after the organization thought about switching from their pet parade to a dog competition, and the idea caught on.

Until 1981, Smith served as the host of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, which was founded by the Old Adobe Association. Records of the competition’s winners date back to 1976, and in 1988 it was included in the Sonoma-Marin Fair. In 2006, Animal Planet started to sponsor and record the tournament, which increased media coverage of the event.

Taking part in the World’s Ugliest Dog contest

Barking dogs are permitted to enter from anywhere in the world, although most come from all across the United States. The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest features distinct categories for pedigreed canines and mutts, and the two winners compete for the grand prize. Unlike confirmation events, which are limited to purebred dogs, participants are not evaluated based on any specific breed standard.

To prove that the participating animal is healthy, dog owners must submit proof of their veterinarian’s examinations. To spread awareness about animals and offer chances for adopting rescue canines, the Sonoma-Marin Fair has also cooperated with animal rights organizations like the Sonoma County Humane Society. Shortly after the event ends, the fair posts a YouTube video, a news release summarizing the contest, and a picture of the winner. The World’s Ugliest Dog Voting page on the website features the contestants. For each new year before the competition.

FAQS – World’s Ugliest Dog contest

1. What is an award for the world’s ugliest dog?

The ‘Ugliest Dog’ winner receives $5,000 in addition to a trophy.

2. What breed took home the title of “ugliest dog in the world”?

Pekingese: The extremely soft winner of the 2024 World’s Ugliest Dog competition is 8-year-old Pekingese Wild Thang. 

3. What is the location of the ugly dog competition?

At this year’s competition, which took place in California on Friday, the eight-year-old Pekingese from Coos, Oregon, with a loll-tongue took first place. At the 2024 event at Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, rescue dogs made up the bulk of the contestants.

4. Is the ugliest dog in the world after? 

A dog by the name of Wild Thang was ultimately declared the “world’s ugliest dog” following multiple failed efforts. This year’s competition was conducted in California on Friday, and the eight-year-old, loll-tongued Pekingese from Coos, Oregon, took home the gong.

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