How to travel with dogs in flight? What is the cost of a dog ticket on a flight In 2024?

How to travel with dogs in flight

If you own a dog. You’ve likely thought about flying with it. Having your furry buddy with you on all your travels might seem like the best option. Not having said that, more tempting than planning dog-sitting or a stay at a boarding facility. It’s not exactly a clear decision. In this article, we will discuss How to travel with dogs in flight in full detail.

Is It Possible to Travel With Dog In Flight?

Traveling with an animal can be difficult and frightening to both you and the dog. There are many details to find out. 

What are the airline’s particular rules on non-service pets? How much does it cost to bring with a dog? Is your dog’s breed permitted in the airplane cabin? Do you have the proper equipment and pet carrier? Most importantly, is traveling secure and pleasant for the pet?

  • There is a lot to think about before you go to the airport and catch an airplane with your pet. Traveling with a pet is possible if you perform the needed research. 
  • On this page. We have compiled a list of all the things you should consider before traveling with a dog. It covers airline policy and required documents. 
  • It also covers how to keep your dog calm for the whole flight. May I travel with my dog on an airplane? Could my dog travel with me? Yes, in all cases, your dog can travel with you. 
  • It can be in the seat next to you or the cargo area. But, as you could expect, airlines have many specific rules for passengers with pets to follow. 

What is the cost of a dog ticket on a flight?

  • Airlines cost a Dog ticket of $100 to $200 per way. Although costs vary based on your destination and airline. 
  • Before buying a ticket, review the carrier’s pet policy. Check it to see if your pet meets the breed and size rules.

Need to you study all of them well before the trip. You must do so to understand exactly what will happen and to plan how to get there with a dog ahead of time. 

First, verify with the airline to find out what types they accept in the seats or cargo hold. Certain breeds of dogs are usually banned from flying in a specific location.

  • For example, French bulldogs and pugs have small or curled noses. They are brachycephalic breeds.
  • They usually can’t hold their breath due to breathing problems. Most large dogs are not allowed in the cabin, except for service animals. 
  • They must travel in the cargo hold. Many airlines have banned some species, such as pit bulls, from flying altogether. Always make flight bookings for you and the pet at the same time. Know before How to travel with dogs in flight.
  • Most airlines only accept a few pets per journey. The number is usually between two and six. It depends on the kind of plane and if the trip is local or global. 

Make sure to contact us so that there remains room for your beloved pet. When flying, you may have limited seating alternatives.

Travelers on airlines with dogs are rarely allowed to sit in balcony rows. They also can’t sit in premium or first-class seats with lie-flat mattresses, or rescue rows. 

Also, carriers will not allow animals on the plane if it is too hot or too cold anywhere along the route.

You might rush to arrange other plans because the weather might be not known.

Can I buy an airline seat for my dog? 

The majority of airlines do not enable customers to book seats for their pets on flights. Yet, based on the pet’s size and type and the airline’s policies, you might pay to have your pet beside you on the plane. 

Dogs can usually travel in the aircraft’s cabin as baggage pets. They can do this if they can fit in a container that fits below the seat closest to you. 

A few airlines, like Jet and Etihad Airways, allow passengers to bring their dogs. They can buy an extra seat for their pet.

Dogs will be kept in a small animal carrier that fits under the seat for taxi, takeoff, and landing. 

Outside of these flight phases, passengers can hold the dog carrier in their lap or the seat next to them. Bigger dogs (except for qualified help animals) must travel in the baggage hold. 

They travel alongside all luggage and cargo. Most airlines refer to it as “shipping” the animal. Airlines claim to do all they can to keep animals happy in the baggage hold. 

But, it will be a stressful time for your pet. Every year, thousands of animals sail in cargo without problem. But, travelers have shared horrific stories.

 Their pets got injured, fell ill, or even died. 

Are the risks of “shipping” your pet in the baggage area worth it? 

It is something to think about. Also, after you sign in your pet for a flight, they are in the care of airline pros until you arrive at your destination. 

Workers will load your dog. They will do this while they get all the baggage onto the plane as soon as possible. 

Although they enjoy pets, they are not there to give particular care to your dog.

Many things are outside your reach when a pet travels in cargo. Putting a dog in goods, even with a carrier, can be a risky scenario.

How can you make a reservation for the pet? 

Proceed with handling the booking. Book your pet using the extra luggage service. Please book a flight at least 72 hours before departure. 

This will allow for the transport of animals in the flight’s cabin. We also refuse to accept multi-city reservations when traveling with a pet.

Fees for flying with pets are the same as the normal extra baggage fees. They charge based on weight or piece. 

This applies even if you use the free luggage quota. The free luggage limit doesn’t include shipping pets. 

What things should you carry when taking a pet with you?

  • This is especially true for the weight of the pet carrier. The fee for extra luggage on domestic flights depends on your pet’s size. 
  • The total weight of the box, such as the kennel or cage.
  • Pets’ extra possessions such as food. Dogs need an airfare. 
  • However, certification authorities certify guiding dogs to help travelers. They have vision problems or special needs. 
  • They can travel for free.
  • Please ensure that you restrict and tie them. It is great if you carry all the guide dog’s health and vaccination credentials.

Please be aware that we are unable to accommodate counseling dogs on our flights. At the terminal with the animal, you love. 

Before departing, print and complete the payment form. Sign in at the terminal with your original paperwork and a copy of it. 

When traveling with a pet, you have to arrive at least three hours before your flight’s departure.

If you are traveling with a pet, you will have preferred entry and board.


Traveling with the pets in the airways should be more careful. Getting tickets and how to carry them plays a vital role while carrying the pets. One should follow the above rules to carry the pets safely and securely. As we discussed above How to travel with dogs in flight, Hope it will be useful for you to get all the information to take your furry friend on the flight.

FAQs: Travel With Dogs In A Flight

  1. How much would it cost me to travel with my pet?

Airlines often pay pets an extra fee of $100 to $200 per way. But, costs vary by your destination and airline. Before buying a ticket, review the carrier’s pet policy. Make sure your pet fits the breed and size rules.

  1. Which flights in India accept pets?

Air India remains the most accessible airline for pet travel. It allows pets to travel in the cargo hold and the cabin. This is assuming your pet’s container fits in the seat.

  1. Can a pet travel without its owner? 

You may be asking if dogs can travel solo. The answer is YES! Sometimes, you can bring your pet into the cabin with you. Or, they can come as baggage on your plane. In this circumstance, pets are often transported “unaccompanied” as cargo. This may sound stressful, but it is not!

  1. Should you feed your dog before flying?

 We recommend feeding your dog at least four hours before the flight. This will avoid discomfort from a full stomach. 

  1. How can I add an animal to an existing flight? 

  • If you are eager to get a pet. 
  • Please contact Bookings at least 48 hours before your trip. 
  • Sign in at the buy of tickets counter with your proper order.
  • Allow extra time for check-in (at least 2 hours but not more than four hours before your flight). Submit a list of items with an agent. 
  • Present a health certificate. 
  1. Is it allowed to travel dogs as cargo? 

Baggage areas in commercial jets are not always nice. The temperatures can change, noise can be crushing, and the air can decrease. Pets put into this dark region below passenger seats die.

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