Chihuahua dog breed full information: Cost to buy, characteristics, and lifespan

Chihuahua dog breed full information

Chihuahuas are small dogs with an endearing personality. They come in a variety of colors and coat styles. For dog sports, they prepared for it. These breeds rank highest among watchdogs. When threatened or afraid, they tend to snap and bite. He reserves his feelings for his chosen one and is not fond of outsiders. Get the Chihuahua dog breed full information.

With children, these dogs are kind and sensitive. Despite purebred dogs, these canines are seen in charities and shelters. Remember to have a look! Don’t give up if you choose to bring these breeds into your home.

Here are the complete details of the Chihuahua Dog

Height 15-25 cm
Weight 1.8-2.7 kg
Life expectancy 12-20 years
Size of the Breed 5-10 inch
Nature Dedicated, Vigilant, Aware, Swift, and Brave.
Average Cost INR 15,000-40,000

Know the Chihuahua’s size

3–6 pounds is the weight of the Chihuahua. Small-sized Chihuahuas are available, and they’re typically not very healthy. Some chihuahuas weigh 12 pounds or more. Which is another example of their enormous nature. Families with kids might do well with these breeds.

What is the lifespan of Chihuahuas?

A Chihuahua’s dog’s life expectancy is ordinary. They are vulnerable to many inherited health issues.

  • The average life expectancy is fourteen to eighteen years.
  • At 15.5 years, females live a little longer than males in certain breeds.
  • A domesticated dog should live for approximately 12.8 years.

The diet of Chihuahua

Adult dog’s nutritional needs are determined by their size. And the stage of growth and degree of activity. Chihuahuas are highly energetic dogs. 

They need more food and nutrients for growth and development. The dog’s nutrition is impacted by the quality of food. The dog food meets the puppy full if it is of greater quality.

Basic feeding advice for your Chihuahua is found below

Natural food

Instead of giving your dog synthetic flavors, artificial dyes, or taste enhancers. Choose for all-natural food. These can result in many issues. Including long-term health issues and digestive issues.

Give them some high-quality food. That has been naturally preserved with vitamins and herbs.

Gluten allergies in grains can lead to various health problems for dogs of this breed. Thus they may be wheat or grain-free. Free-grain food is quite nutritious for your dog, so please give it to them. Steer clear of wheat and anything made from it. Such as gluten.

No additives

Some pet foods with low-cost ingredients contain fillers. Giving your dog a piece of maize that is enriched with fillers lacks nourishment. These foods can lead to digestive issues. Since they are difficult to digest.

Chihuahua costs in India

Cities Price
Delhi INR 20,000 – 36,000
Mumbai INR 20,000-38,000
Bangalore INR 25,000- 30,000
Kolkata INR 15,000-36,000
Chennai INR 13,000- 40,000
Pune INR 20,000- 40,000
Hyderabad INR 16,000-36,500
Ahmedabad INR 20,000- 36,000

What are the Common health problems in Chihuahuas?

Like dogs of other petite breeds. Chihuahuas are likely to have certain health problems. Dog owners should be aware of the following health issues:

Collapsing trachea

  • A disorder brought on by the trachea’s rings of cartilage deteriorating.
  • When the knee is bent. A disorder known as patellar luxation. It occurs when the kneecap moves unnaturally outside the femoral groove.


  • It has low blood sugar levels. This impairs a dog’s ability to function.


  • A condition where cerebral fluid backs up in the dog’s skull.
  • Chihuahuas suffer from eye infections and cardiac issues.

Advice on grooming Chihuahua

  • Rough and silky coat types are present in Chihuahuas. Although rough coats are wavy and demanding. Smooth coats are smooth and straight. 
  • Most of the time, their ears and heads are covered. Not revealed, the tail is hazy.
  • Using a gentle bristle comb, brush the lengthy coat. For detangling hair, ears, legs, and the tail, a stainless-steel comb is recommended.
  • When brushing regularly, a Chihuahua stays clean and needs a monthly bath. Remember to use pet-formulated shampoo while washing this breed. Using regular shampoo could result in dry coats and skin.
  • Below their eyes, Chihuahuas can have tear streaks.
  • Thus, you should use a soft cotton swab to wipe your eyes. Additionally, you can use products designed to remove these stains.
  • The nails of a Chihuahua grow quickly. Thus you will need to clip them occasionally. When you discover them knocking on the floor, you will know that. They must trim since they could injure themselves when scratching.

The Best of Chihuahua

  • Due to their lengthy lifespan of eighteen years, small Chihuahuas need attention.
  • Chihuahuas are prone to shivering when they become aroused and become fearful. When they venture outside in a cold or damp environment.
  • If these breeds receive insufficient socialization from an early age. They may become aggressive against other dogs. Even though they are little. 
  • They do become aggressive when they confront huge breed dogs and do not return the favor. For the owners, this could lead to difficult and troublesome circumstances.
  • Never let your Chihuahua alone in the garden. They could be attacked by a hawk, larger dogs, or other predatory birds.
  • When meeting new people, Chihuahuas may be shy. Look for a whelped puppy who will grow up in a real family with lots of human communication.
  • When your kids are little. Due to their fragility, chihuahuas might injure your kids when they play. The majority of raisers won’t provide puppies to homes with kids under the age of eight.
  • The Chihuahua’s ears could be susceptible to dry, rough skin and accumulation of ear wax.
  • Chihuahuas make excellent friends and are protective of those they know. Because of their high metabolism and level of activity. They must exercise for 20 to 30 minutes every day. They become healthy and fit as a result.
  • If you let them, chihuahuas will take over your life and have amazing personalities. When they’re bored or tired, they can be destructive. And if you mess with their food, they might be picky eaters.
  • Anytime he wishes, he is free to let you get up from your cozy chair.
  • To ensure you have a balanced and healthy pet, never buy a puppy from a puppy mill or pet store. Look for a reliable breeder who can deliver you a dog of the highest quality. With an excellent temperament and no genetic health risks.

What qualities make a Chihuahua unique?

The Chihuahua have a distinctive look. The characteristics are:

  • Skull: The skull has an apple-shaped domed top. Their heads are tilted and thin.
  • Ears: The ears are upright and reasonably sized. The floppy ears that Chihuahuas originate with gradually become straighter. Most people’s ears fall backward when they sleep or relax.
  • Tail: Their tail is long and shaped like a sickle. It has an upward curvature to it.
  • Eyes: They have round, full eyes. In general, the eye color is brownish. It’s common to see fawns with white coats with eyes that are either hazel or green, or light brown.
  • Coat: The length of their coat varies. They might have a long, short, or smooth coat. Long coats have waves, while smooth coats are often tight and lustrous.

The majority of Chihuahuas have two coats. One on top and one underneath.As they become older, they change much like any other dog.

Do you know the features of Chihuahuas?

Features Of Chihuahua dog

Understanding the severe temperament and behavior is crucial. The presence of youngsters in your home makes this crucial.

Since they all have distinct personalities, Chihuahuas are all unique.

These are bold, self-assured canines that resemble terriers. They are extremely vigilant and wary of strangers. They become great watchdogs as a result. In the house, they make excellent companions.

Given its reserved nature, this breed typically forms strong ties with a single individual in a family.

For socialization, they need the practice. Making him stroll through parks and other areas. Where he may interact with many other animals and pets is one way to do this.

To socialize, they need exposure to a variety of people, places, and noises.

Because tiny dogs are known as lapdogs for a reason, they may exhibit clingy behavior. Many are nourished by human affection and company to remain nearby. Some can be excessively clinging and take this a little too far.

If someone irritates them, they may exhibit Intense Anger and bite. To be inappropriate, this behavior can endanger the youngster. It’s critical to put rigorous training into place in these circumstances.

FAQs – Chihuahua dog breed full information

1. What qualities make a Chihuahua unique?

First-time owners can enjoy the affectionate and devoted nature of Chihuahuas as pets. These small dogs can be bold and gregarious or timid and shy. They have tremendous personalities. Chihuahuas are intelligent dogs that are devoted and loyal to those who they love. And they will go wherever with their owners.

2. How long does a Chihuahua live?

Many Chihuahuas live well into their teens. And they are renowned for their extraordinary longevity. Chihuahua lifespans are usually believed to be between 14 and 16 years old. Famous for their small size, chihuahuas weigh no more than 8 pounds and stand 8 to 13 inches tall on average.

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